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Cincinnati Content Marketing - strategy with SEO and content

We create content that matters.

We start with an SEO and content gap audit to uncover the pages that need to be created in order for your site to rank. We don’t only want to fill the gap we also want to start forward-thinking and look at trending topics so that you are in the search results for those topics.   Once we’ve determined the strategy, we get to work with our copywriters to create quality content articles in your brand’s voice.  We’ll publish the articles and cross-promote through various channels.

The content we create is meant to attract backlinks and mentions to your website and blog content.   The backlinks increase your Domain Authority, which helps you rank higher in Google.   Our original written content have earned media attention across multiple platforms.   Our team of SEO strategists and content marketers has consistently built and promoted content campaigns that have been featured in the most sought-after publications such as Forbes, Medium, Redfin, and many of others.


Our Content Marketing Pillars of Success

Content Strategy is a puzzle piece of the over Content Marketing


Build a strategic content roadmap.

Strategic Web Design


Create valuable content that resonates with your ideal client.

Cincinnati Local SEO


Connect with your ideal client when it matters most with multiple channel distribution.



Make confident decisions with actionable insights into visibility, engagement and authority.

Cincinnati Content Marketing Strategy

Why Invest in Content Marketing?


Get Started Is As Easy As...


Identify Content Marketing Goals

Meet to understand your brand voice, ideal customer, and set the KPI’s for the project so we know what milestone’s and goals we want to achieve.


Conduct Audit & Research

Run a content gap audit, do some SEO research to determine trending topics, determine the questions your audience is asking, and discover the keywords we want to rank for.


Create the Content Roadmap

Create a content roadmap with list of recommended article titles and outlines based upon our research


Implement the Roadmap

Approve the article outlines and the roadmap. We write the blog articles, create related graphics, and will seek approval to publish and promote.


Publish &Promote

Publish and promote the content through various channels.


Track KPI

Track the key performance indicators and goals we set forth at the start of the project. We monitor and adjust the strategy.

Be Confident in Your Content

Working with Create IT Web Designs is an investment that will get you better leads, support your sales team, attract the best employees, and attract your ideal customer.


What Others Have Asked...

Content marketing is the marketing and the strategic business process for creating, publishing, distributing, promoting & monetizing content in order to acquire customers.  Find out more about Content Marketing and the benefits.

Content Marketing is right for your business if you want a bigger presence online, connect with your ideal customer, and increase your sales.  96% of content marketers say that content marketing has helped them build credibility and trust with their audience.  In addition, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3x as many leads.

Most of our customers come to us already working with a Brand strategist and know their voice and who they want to server.  If not, we have several Brand strategists that we recommend you work with first.   We need to know your brand and ideal customer before starting on a content marketing plan.

Content marketing is a marketing investment in your business.  Our prices vary based upon your needs whether it is running a content gap analysis or running an entire campaign. Please contact us to get started and we’ll provide a custom quote for your needs.

We offer Content Gap analysis, keyword research, content writing, article publishing, image creation, and article distribution services.


Content Marketing That Matters

Contact us today for a quote and consultation to discuss your content marketing goals and how to get better results.

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