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You want a quick website developed, have website pages you need to be updated, or just new pages to add.  You don’t have time to wait months or be put on a long waitlist and you don’t want to get stuck with someone who doesn’t have a clue what they are doing.

Skip the waitlist! Book me for a half day or one full day, focused website development intensive where my skills are yours to use how you wish.

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Website development done quickly and easily

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What can we do in a Development VIP Day?

A few examples of what we have done for our customers…

Not sure if your project will work?   Contact Us and let’s discuss if it is a good fit.

With A Development VIP Day You Will…

Save yourself days of going back-and-forth with web designers/developers to see if they have availability and where they can put you on their waitlist.

Save 5+ years of training and thousands of dollars learning proper web design and development strategies and techniques.

Say "yes" to that dream project and goal knowing that progress will be made fast when it comes time for development.

How It Works

With development days, you have my full attention for one half day or one working day, respectively. We’ll discuss beforehand what I’m going to work on and get the material I need prepared beforehand. I’ll then be able to dive straight into work on your scheduled day.

Since the development day is based on a set of hours (7 for full days and 3.5 for half days), I work from the most important on your list making sure that I am completing the most important items for you. I am straightforward from the start to let you know what I can accomplish in the timeframe.

You can be confident that during your scheduled time, you will have my 100% focus. You won’t see me on social media more than to say that I’m excited to work on your project. I won’t be checking email or talking with other clients. This time is 100% focused on you.

My 100% focus on this day will be completing your work and doing an incredible job.

Starting Steps

Here's what the process looks like:


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Project Wrap-Up

Jessica Rhoades - Cincinnati Web Designer
Hey There - Jessica Rhoades - Cincinnati Web Developer

I'm Jessica Rhoades, your Development VIP Day Leader

Serving your customers is how your time is best spent. A website is key to your overall digital marketing strategy, but you don’t want it to take time away from your customers. That’s why I have created development days to get all your pressing website needs done for you quickly. Sure you could try and do it yourself and push through and try to make a website or website changes happen on your own. But it takes too long and you want to focus on the big picture.

That’s why I’m here! I’m your partner for all thing website and technology so you can focus on other parts of your business that matter most.

Book A Half or Full Day Development VIP Day Today!

Website development done quickly and easily

Half Day Development


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Full Day Development


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What Others Have Asked...

You’ll have my full, undivided attention for 7 hours for full days and 3 ½ hours for half-days. I usually work from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., so figuring 7 hours gives me time for a short trip to take my kids to school and lunch.

The only thing on my schedule for that day will be your project. The only person I communicate with will be you via email, phone or a Zoom call, if needed.

Yes! I am able to dedicate up to three Development Days per week and usually about 3-8 per month. Please contact me or email me at with scheduling questions for larger projects.

Please contact me or email me at to request a payment plan. Keep in mind that the project must be paid in full one day before your development day.

Contact me or email me at with details about your project. I’ll let you know if it sounds like a good fit. However, if you need to make quick progress with a WordPress project, it’s probably perfect!

You may also begin the booking process. Once you book a spot, you’ll automatically be sent the questionnaire. After you complete the questionnaire, I take a look at your project details and decide if it is a perfect fit. If not, I’ll notify you before sending the quote.

Once the quote and contract are approved and the invoice paid, you can be guaranteed the date you choose. I only have a specific number of dates available in any given month, We don’t want other people to complete the booking process before you do.

I can do custom development or development based on an existing theme. I’ve worked on many WordPress websites over the years so I’ve seen just about everything when it comes to themes.

As for building out pages, I have experience with WP Bakery, Brizy, Divi, and Elementor…

Don’t like page-builder plugins? That’s fine too, but expect progress to be significantly slower.

The package is designed for websites built on WordPress.
All of my communication will go directly through you including things like payments and contracts. You’ll want to ensure that you collect payments from your clients before payments will be due to me and that your contract with your client also covers my terms.
Yes! Although realize if you are looking at it as I’m developing it is in progress. I’ll communicate when we are ready for you to view. We’ll also talk details once the project is booked and ensure you can stay as up-to-date on my progress as well.

I’ll send you a detailed checklist once we’re set with the contract and down payment. But I’ll need things like login credentials, images, logos, and content.

If you are a Graphic Designer, I’ll additionally need editable mockups, font files, and style guide. I also accept mockups in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Please contact me at if you’d like to ask about providing mockups in a different format.

Absolutely. The last thing we want is for me to run into a question and not have you around to answer it. That could end up with me stuck and unable to make efficient progress. Please keep your phone nearby. I also do a check-in during lunch-time to give you a status update.

My full web-design service is typically a 6 week project where I both design and develop a full custom website. My website maintenance retainer services for clients are able to book me for 4 hours per month and I complete assigned projects within 5-10 business days, depending on complexity.

With a Development Day, you get in my schedule sooner and have a 1-day turnaround for your project.

The only SEO service I provide as part of development day is to speed up your website and fix broken links. Other services such as link building & content writing are not offered as part of the development day.

Yes! We know you are busy and can only devote half days. Please contact me or email me at as we can book multiple half days in a row.


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