Construction Company SEO Case Study

Construction Company SEO Case Study with an increase in quality leads graph

A local construction company contacted Create IT Web Designs in October 2021 to evaluate their website with a website audit to determine how to grow their organic traffic and increase their leads organically.

They wanted us to make some immediate changes based on the audit, so we recommended we add 4 strategic pages for some low competition long tail keywords to the website and a few website adjustments that would allow them to see immediate results.

Increase in Traffic and Quality Leads

The Construction Client immediately saw an increase in organic traffic and most importantly the quality of traffic increased.  We can determine the quality increased as the bounce rate declined the client mentioned they were getting quality leads.

Construction SEO Case Study


Implementing a Strategic SEO Plan

The client reached back out to us in January 2022 as they had had such positive success with what we had done in October.   The changes had brought in additional quality projects that the client needed to hire 2 additional members to their construction team and a VA to answer inquiries and the phone.  We first formulated a long-term plan as they would like to continue to grow and scale their construction business. We did a deep dive and evaluated their website, checked out their backlinks, looked at their competitors and formulated a plan.  We set a monthly budget and started implementing our SEO plan.

Month 1:

We made some minor adjustments to some strategic pages on the website, we added one strategic page to capture a long-tail keyword, and set a baseline for our analytics.

Month 2

We added and requested some strategic backlinks and added an informational blog article to some repeated questions the client receives.

Month 3:

Added a blog article and additional website page

Month 4+

Continuous adjustments, monitoring, adding backlinks, and expanding the content on the website.

By the end of month 4, we reached page 1 on a high competitive keyword (which was our initial goal).  The plan for the following months is to hit page 1 on all the competitive keywords and eventually hit #1 on the profitable keywords.  The increase and quality of traffic continues to increase and the client is looking to hire additional crew members in 2022.   At one point, the client asked if we could stop the traffic for a little bit!  We cannot do that, but we recommend setting up a CRM to manage the leads and becoming more selective with their chosen clients.

Get Better Leads and an Increase in Traffic

It doesn’t take much traffic to get great leads.  Your website should get the right leads to a website.  With the right leads you can grow your business and increase your revenue.  Contact Create IT Web Designs today for us to evaluate your website to determine your SEO plan to increase organic traffic.

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Jessica Rhoades is the Owner and Designer at Create IT Web Designs. Among her greatest passions are web design, SEO, helping small businesses succeed, bicycling, traveling, and making lists.

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