How to Write an Instagram Bio for Your Business in 6 Simple Steps

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If you’re looking to promote your business on Instagram, it’s important that you write a good bio. This will be the first thing that potential customers see, so you want to make sure it’s professional and interesting. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes a good Instagram bio, and give you some tips on how to optimize yours for your business.

What is an Instagram bio?

The Instagram Bio section helps potential customers quickly understand your product or service. This makes the Instagram biography extremely important. If your Instagram profile is dull and unprofessional, you may lose potential followers.

Your biography will also highlight what makes you unique. It should include:

  • Your name
  • Your business or brand
  • What you do or sell
  • A brief description of your company
  • Call To Action

Hashtags and keywords can also be included to help people find your account. When writing your biography, be sure to stay on topic and keep it professional. You only have 150 characters, so make each one count.

Although there is no universal guide on the perfect bio, we have some great tips below.

How to write an Instagram bio in 6 steps

An Instagram bio will be seen first when a visitor sees your Instagram profile. It’s something that attracts people and makes your brand recognizable.

When writing your Instagram bio, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, remember that this is your chance to make a first impression. You want to be professional, but also interesting and unique.

1. Start With A Photo & Username

Your username is important to your brand identity as most can see it. Your username should be clear with exactly who you are. Preferably it is consistent across all your different social media accounts. For example, Online Marketing Made Easy podcast host Amy Porterfield’s Instagram handle is @amyporterfield. She uses her name. The photos are the same for her podcast, courses, and her brand. Her URL to her business is also In other cases, you may want to go with your business brand. I choose my business name as my social media handle to keep it consistent rather than my name Jessica Rhoades.

Instagram bio simple - profile username

2. Write The Instagram Bio Description

This is a fun one to write. You’ve got to be interesting and you have your brand story down. The key here is to keep it natural in your business. Ideally, your description is based on your overall profile and brand.

How to write an instagram bio - description

3. Include Emojis

Since you only have 150 characters, emojis are a fantastic way to add some personality to your bio. They can also be helpful in drawing attention to specific parts of your bio (like your website or email address). Just be careful not to use too many, as it can start to look cluttered.

How to write an instagram bio - use emojis

4. Use Line Breaks

Line breaks are a great way to break up large chunks of text, and they can also make your bio look a little more polished. To create a line break on Instagram, simply type in “.” followed by hitting return/enter on your keyboard.  Don’t use more than 4 line breaks or the remaining lines are not displayed unless you hit the “more” link.

5. Include a link

Instagram will let you add one and only one link to any business profile. This can be a very powerful way to reinforce your brand image. You can use a lead magnet, a page on your website, or a specific page on your website for Instagram that contains multiple links in it (which is what we recommend).

You can look at an example of our link in the bio page and purchase the template at

How to write an instagram bio - links

6. Include a Call To Action

Your Call To Action (CTA) is one of the most important parts of your bio. This is where you tell people what you want them to do. This could be something as simple as “Check out my recent posts,” “Grab My Checklist, “Get On the Waitlist for my course, ” etc. Be sure to include a CTA that encourages people to take action.

Use a CTA in your instagram profile

A few final tips:

  • Make it simple and sweet
  • Don’t use too many abbreviations
  • Avoid using all caps
  • Don’t go more than 4 lines as only 4 will show without hitting “more”

By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to writing an Instagram bio that represents your brand

Get More Action with a Killer Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio will enhance your Instagram page as well as your professional goals. If you’re interested in increasing followers and selling, add a call to action in your bio for visitors to do specific things when they visit the profile. But you should never overlook this opportunity to talk more about your brand. One of the biggest aspects of a bio is to be memorable.

What Instagram bio do I have to add to my account? Please leave comments below.

Jessica Rhoades

Jessica Rhoades

Jessica Rhoades is the Owner and Designer at Create IT Web Designs. Among her greatest passions are web design, SEO, helping small businesses succeed, bicycling, traveling, and making lists.

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