Case Study: Branding Agency Audit +386% yr/yr Increased Traffic

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Our client came to us looking to get better results with their website, so we started with a website technical audit. In this case study, we will show how making a few small changes can make a big difference. We also set up a Google My Business profile for the client, which helped them to get more leads and customers.

Client Overview: Branding Agency

The client is branding agency that creates gorgeous, stylish logos for a variety of small and medium-sized businesses. The agency also focuses on packaging design for a variety of products such as water bottles, car covers, pop-up tents, and more. The client felt as if they were not utilizing their website enough and not getting much search traffic.

Step 1: Website Audit

We ran a technical website audit that looks at both the technical and on-page SEO.

Branding Agency Website Audit

Handing a client the piece of paper of an audit doesn’t explain much. We dove into the details and explained what they could do better, with the exact action steps to take.We additionally ran a competitor analysis and also a backlink analysis. We handed them the exact list of steps, recorded a video of the results, and met with the client. Below are the steps we recommended from the audit.

On Page SEO

1. Go through a checklist that was provided) through each of the website pages and optimize for keywords. (Note: we provide this service but the client wanted to do this themselves)

2. Create a package design page and a Logo/Brand design page so the client can start ranking better for those keywords. (Note: They just had a “services” page and we wanted them to get specific and break those services out)

3. Add the words “firm” and “agency” into the alt text fields of the home page so the client can start ranking for those since they are searched.

4. Recommend the client start blogging with additional keywords that were recommended. (Note: We provide this service also but the client wanted to write their own articles)

5.  Keep in mind to rank every page of your website with some sort of keyword (except the contact page and privacy policy)

6.  The home page will have an umbrella of keyword terms–meaning multiple keywords used by the other pages of the website.

7.  Client needed a privacy policy! It’s actually required by law. Create the policy and add to the footer of the website.

Off Page SEO to build trust with Google

Provided a list of websites that their competitors are using to build backlinks that MAY be good options. The client went through and added those.

Technical SEO

  1. Recommend verifying the meta descriptions as some were empty or too long.
  2. Correct Duplicate Titles
  3. Several pages are too big (over 3 MB) and recommend optimizing the images

Step 2: Set up Google My Business (GMB) Profile

We noticed the client had not worked on any of their Local SEO and we needed to help them establish themselves so they appeared on Google Maps. We set them up on Google My Business to kickstart their Local SEO efforts.

  1. Created the Google My Business Page
  2. Recommend the Branding agency have their respecitive clients to place their testimonials on Google.  
  3. Recommended At least once a month, add more project photos from Instagram into the photo section of your Google My Business photos. You’ll start attracting more business to people near you.

1 Year Results – increase in traffic +386% yr/yr

We ran the audit in May of 2021 and implemented changes in both May and June of 2021. The results were from making a few adjustments of the website and increasing visibility in Google My Business.

The client saw an increase in traffic +386% yr/yr. Additionally, the client saw the page views increase +295% yr/yr. In turn, the Branding agency received more requests for proposals and clients in 2021.

Branding Agency SEO case study bar graph of traffic increasing

Gain More Organic Traffic With Google

Do you want the same results? We start with running a website audit and discussing the results…whether you want to make the adjustments or have us do it for you. We make SEO plans happen that increase traffic to your website. Contact us today.

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