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Increase your leads and revenue with fully managed Google Ads paid advertising.

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Google Ads (Google AdWords) Campaign Management

How can you increase lead through search ads and digital marketing? Google Ads, also known as Google Adwords, is a platform that enables advertisers to reach the best targeted and specific audiences. Create IT Web Designs offers customized search campaigns for every level of your Google Advertising campaign.

We focus our efforts on a single goal when working with our clients –increase the amount of leads. We assign a dedicated Google advertising expert who will analyze all your goals and create a comprehensive campaign that will help you get there as quickly as possible to accomplish these goals. We continuously tweak details over the life of the campaign and obtain exceptional results for our clients.

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Our Google Ads Management Services Include:


How a Managed Google Ad Campaign can Benefit You...

Setting up Google Ads Campaigns is a very important piece in the overall success for your ads and digital marketing strategy. A successful Ad campaign takes many hours to analyze performance and look at the keywords, change design and copy and test everything against the key metrics to determine what the results are. All these steps must be taken to start building a campaign that will provide benefit for months or even years.

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Audit your Google Ads Budget and Bids (and set realistic ones)

We first evaluate your current campaign, budget, and keywords. Your bid can be targeted on a specific keyword depending on the campaign. We'll also ensure you have the right negative keywords, so that you are not wasting your money on keywords that are not bringing in the right leads for your business.

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Paid Campaign Analysis & Implementation

We analyze keywords for the best recommendations. We'll then create the bid options, keywords, ads text and/or destination links to fit your goals. We'll maximize sales per dollar spent ensuring your campaign is off to a great start.

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Search Network Advertising

We monitor your search advertising progress and engagement for the most effective targeting of your keywords, ad campaigns and keywords for your website.

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Ad Variation & Testing

Advertising is tested using a series of A/B tests and a standard method to find out which ads lead to the highest clicks. We create landing page variations and tests that work.

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Maintenance Monthly

We analyze the campaign monthly. Negative keywords are added to lists so that we are hitting the right audience. We want your company to have an efficient spending strategy and become profitable month after month. Our monthly review ensures that no money is wasted and your advertisements appear in optimal positions for conversion. Our process allows us to find your site's best strategy to achieve PPC success as your business grows.


Conversion Tracking & ROI Analysis

Our monthly report shows what keywords generate leads and what are not producing sales. We keep track to see if we're targeting keywords with the most effectiveness and we use them to find out which phrase is most targeted.

Google Ads Managment

Increase your ROI with a fully managed Google Ads Campaign. You'll see a bigger return on investment.


What Others Have Asked...

Google Ads is a Paid Advertising Platform in which you pay for a specific click or impression. Google Ads are a great way to bring qualified visitors to your website. Google AdWords is an easy way to increase online traffic for businesses which in turn increases their sales.


Google Ads is an advertising-based business model where you pay for every visit to a page on your site. The cost of clicking varies based on the keyword popularity and competitiveness. Google ads are built upon a bidding model, meaning that ad prices are typically much higher on more competitive keywords. Because of this, the keyword used for driving sales is generally the more costly per click. With Google Ads, you can spend as much or little as you want.  


Google Ads provides relevant ads that reward advertisers by providing the best value to their searchers. Ads assign a quality rating for a keyword for every website. The quality score partly determines the costs a search engine can charge for displaying ads on Google. When it comes to improving your Ad campaign quality, Create IT Web Designs delivers quality results. Increasing click-through rates by optimizing ads’ relevancy can improve conversion rates.

Google has surpassed the average website search engine in the world in the quest for information. Therefore, you must be available exactly when customers want your services or products. Google Ads gives you a choice in the search results of your ads. We use Google Advertising to reach your customers in the best way possible by pointing your visitors to your site most likely to be able to ask a quick question or solve the problem.


Google Ads is one of Google’s most advanced paid search platforms, far outperform rivals including Google. Google Ads allows advertisers to set daily budgets for all campaigns with bid options for each ad group. A campaign’s settings include settings for displaying ads on mobile devices. Ads Keyword Planner enables you to identify keywords that are important in marketing.

Yes, Google Ads works to bring in new leads to your business. Using optimizing advertising campaigns & lead flow you can build high-ROI marketing campaigns.

Search engines like Google have more than 5.6 billion search requests per day. The Google Ads platform is still in existence over the past 20 years, which gives it some prestige in the area of paid ads. Google allows users to ask questions using a combination of paid ads or organic results. Google says ads earns 8 dollars for every $1 spent by users of its ads.Your competitor may use Google Adwords or even bid for your name on the website.


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