Marketing Research Firm Website + SEO Case Study

As the world stirred from its pandemic-induced hibernation, a Cincinnati-based Market Research & Strategy firm found itself striving to regain its previous vitality. In pursuit of a solution to their challenges, the company’s founder sought to update the website to align more closely with their brand and enlisted the expertise and direction of Create IT Web Designs.

Website case study for a market research firm

Winning Focus

The ultimate objective was to simplify the website, use personalized branded photos taken by one our strategic partners and incorporate SEO into the website strategy.


Revenue Growth Through SEO

Within the first year, the Market and Research Company received a call from out of state that they had found them through Google search and wanted to work with them.   They signed a 5-figure deal. 

Strategic Investment

The client understood that your website is a strategic investment.  Recovered the cost of the investment twice over from one client purchase.

Increase In Revenue
0 %
Sale to Recover Cost of Project Investment
Increase In Net Income
0 %
Dennis Devlin - marketing research seo case study

*photo credit Worklife Studios

I strongly recommend working with Jessica and Create IT Web Designs. I cannot imagine a more positive experience than what I had with the development of my new business website. Jessica is extremely responsive to requests and questions and very knowledgeable about web design and SEO, providing keen insights on many aspects of the website structure as well as its look and feel. I believe my website is set up as a high converting website with the design, strategy, and SEO work from Jessica and Create IT Web Designs. My grade: A+. Highly recommend!



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